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Breath tests upon entry introduced to some London clubs

It’s the new scheme that accurately reads: “Go Home, You’re Drunk!”

It seems London has had enough of aggressive, alcohol-related behaviour unfolding inside local clubs. On first impression, their new scheme isn’t bad at all – breathalysing clubbers upon entry.

London Metropolitan Police believe it will stop people ‘pre-loading’ before entering clubs, and in essence reduce alcohol-related offences. The scheme is only being introduced to some London clubs who are working in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police. It’s currently being trialled in Croydon and Romford, where door staff breath test clubbers upon entry and are able to refuse entry to anyone more than twice England’s legal drink-drive limit.

If you’re wondering what England’s alcohol limit for drivers is, it’s 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood compared to Australia’s limit of 50 mg per 100 ml of blood.

Testing in a small number of Croydon clubs began on January 30, 3015 and has already proved successful, according to Chief Inspector Gary Taylor. “[The clubs] have told us that it did help reduce violence and confrontations involving door staff. The breathalyser helped to stop people who were persistently trying to get into clubs when they clearly had to too much to drink.

“The breathalyser helps to reduce the number of arguments when door staff refuse entry to someone who is intoxicated. In the past door staff would get involved in long arguments with people who were refused entry. People who were arguing with staff were more likely to accept the results of the breathalyser,” he said.

On the other hand, it’s already been the recipient of severe criticism (obviously.) Bars and clubs argue that if the scheme is enforced London-wide, on-trade (hotels. Bars, restaurant) sales could decline as clubbers avoid drinking to certify they gain club entry later in the evening.

There’s pros and cons to the arguments, and we’ll no doubt hear from both sides.

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