Nicolas Jaar has a new protégé with a very spooky EP

Nicolas Jaar is a mysterious man. It’s been more than a year since his last release – Psychic, the one and only release from DARKSIDE, his immense, short-lived collaboration with Dave Harrington. But while he’s not releasing his own music right now, he has recently signed a very exciting new artist to his label Other People: 19-year-old John Bence.

Disquiet is Bence’s debut EP and was released for streaming on Tuesday morning. It’s made up of three tracks; Disquiet Movement I, II, and III. The titles are most likely Jaar’s influence – the tracks on Darkside’s first EP were blandly titled A1, A2, and A3.

Each track begins with very eerie tones. The mood is gloomy yet enticing. As if we’ve been placed inside the set of an apocalyptic film, Bence is peeking around each corner, anticipating what sound may appear next.

All three tracks stir emotion within the listener. In particular, it evoked an enormous sense of uncertainty – the kind I felt watching a bleak post-World War II film in a German museum once upon a time.

Bence has “scored all tracks multiple times,” according to Jaar. After scoring it once he cuts and pastes some sounds, while he re-scores and re-records others. All in all, it amounts to an extremely intriguing EP.

Stream Disquiet below.