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Eminem Slams Critics, Shares 2 Chainz Verse on “Chloraseptic” Remix

Eminem has dropped an official remix for Chloraseptic, from his recent album Revival. While the track featured a guest hook from Phresher (the only rapper featured on the album), it was originally supposed to feature 2 Chainz. The remix reveals his explosive, original verse, along with a full verse from Phresher, and new bars from Slim Shady himself, addressing the less-than-positive response to his album.

Wasting no time at all, it immediately launches into 2 Chainz’s killer verse atop the spooky, sparse instrumental. It begs the first of many questions: why the hell was this left off the original?

Phresher’s full verse is surprisingly impressive, certainly exposing his talent and unique vocals far more than the simple hook he originally delivered.

Eminem’s reactionary verse is fresh, fast, clever and angry: all things he’s best at. But the content, like the album as a whole, is the problem. It’s angry, but it’s pointless. He slams those who hated on the pop-heavy tracklist before listening to the album, he criticises those who didn’t like Walk on Water, he even criticises reaction videos. He talks about how, despite alienating half his fans, he still outsold everyone else.

While that’s true, isn’t Eminem at a point where he’d rather, you know, not lose half his fanbase?

Sadly, a reaction verse to a reaction video isn’t going to garner any new support from disappointed fans. There’s a reason (well, several) that the album wasn’t well-received. Slapping back at the criticism isn’t going to change anything.

That said, the fact that he’s released 2 Chainz’s verse, and is clearly riled up enough to record a new one himself, is of note. While he’s outwardly slamming the Revival critics, could he be doing so with his tail between his legs? Has he realised his mistakes? Has the fire been relit? Will there be more remixes coming out? Let’s not get too hopeful here, but it definitely seems like there’s more to come. Perhaps Eminem remembered his own words: “But I’ll never be served, my spot is forever reserved / If I ever leave Earth, that would be the death of me first / ‘cause in my heart of hearts I know nothin’ could ever be worse, that’s why I’m clever when I put together every verse.”