Vince Staples Confirms His Album Will Be Out Soon

Dear Vince Staples, do you ever rest? Seriously, all you seem to do is make music and tour nonstop. You released the sublime Prima Donna EP last August, and now you’re following it up with a full length album? And a six week headline tour? We don’t want to sound ungrateful, but take a break man! You’ve more than deserved it!

Dropping the explosive BagBak, Staples has declared himself back in the game (as if he every really left). While there are no real details on the hotly awaited album, Def Jam has confirmed that it is coming “very soon.” Honestly, an album announcement isn’t massively surprising after the release of BagBak, which caused the rumour mill to explode, and makes perfect sense considering it’s been almost two years since his last full album.

The single precedes Staples’ six week, 26-city headline tour of the US and Canada. Dubbed The Life Aquatic Tour, it’s set to showcase music from the EP, and, presumably, a few new tunes too. Joining him will be Brooklyn’s own Kilo Kish, who was featured on Loco.

Additionally, those who opt for the VIP tickets to the tour will apparently receive a copy of the new album on CD with their ticket – or at least that’s what people are suggesting is meant by, “One (1) Special Item (shipped to you after the show)” as listed on his official website.


Image: Dani Hansen