PLAYLIST: Best Aussie Songs of the Week

Roll up for some seriously great #content: we searched the net for the best new Aussie singles so you didn’t have to. From house to surf-pop and back again, these are the tunes that made our week go ’round. Better turn up that aircon cos things are about to get real fire in this here playlist.
Martin King, Pepsi
This infectious, Popcorn-esque little slice of house comes from Martin King, latest signing of the always wonderful Good Manners label. Don’t let the genre fool you into thinking that Pepsi is a strictly a four to the floor club banger, though – its syncopation and playful repetitiveness make for a track that’ll delight whether you’re raving or brewing coffee on a Saturday morning (trust me, I tried). King has a rich musical background – he’s worked with Banoffee, supported Four Tet, Metrononmy & Caribou, and played festivals such as Sugar Mountain, Falls and Meredith. The dude is definitely One To Watch in 2017.

The Posse, Happy Accidents
Thanks to some very fun quasi-retro vibes, this one will make you regress into “carefree teen at a house party” mode if you’re not careful. The Posse are a somewhat enigmatic new five-piece comprised of various music veterans, and this is their very first official release, out through Plastic World (who by this stage we can basically bank on churning out the goods). Happy Accidents contains absolutely no samples, and is a taster for The Posse’s upcoming debut EP Our Thing which will feature contributions from Andrew Elston (Physique/Toni Toni Lee/Catcall), Ross Ferraro & Jarrol Renaud (The Goods), Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive/Van She) and NZ jazz keys prodigy Andrew Bruce.

Sun Sap, Hanging Hearts
Wailing vocals, rock-n-soul guitar, super warm 70s production – yeah, this is impossible not to like. And who doesn’t love a good call-and-response chorus hook? Sun Sap are relative newcomers, but they’re already kicking ass and taking names, with support slots for Guantanamo Baywatch, Australia (the band) and The Pretty Littles already under their belt and a show with Polish Club and Food Court still to come before the years’ out. Their debut LP is dropping in 2017, so get in on the ground floor now.

Green Buzzard, Do You Ever Glow
Green Buzzard are one of those bands that seem to have been on the cusp of something huge for AGES but for whatever reason that massive break hasn’t happened yet. This is entirely unfair because their music has always been top notch, but Do You Ever Glow is another step up again. Washed out and psych-spun, with some serious The Cure vibes, there’s a pop infectiousness to the track that we haven’t yet seen from GB – and it’s more than welcome.

Skegss, Spring Has Sprung
Moving past the obvious weirdness of releasing a song called Spring Has Sprung on the literal last day of Spring, this is a #tune. Coupling the trademark Skegss down-to-earth ratbag lyricism with woozy, balmy guitars and a gratifying vocal hook, this is definitely one to blast as you sink tinnies with your housemates at the park. The dudes have also just announced a mammoth summer tour – grab your tickets here.

Dune Rats, Scott Green
Alright, this one technically came out last Friday, so we’re kind of cheating but it’s worth it. Dune Rats are a god damned national treasure and their music is always a timely reminder to relax, stop stressing, have fun, unwind, and find out who’s Scott Green. Fun fact: I know someone who heard this song, didn’t get it after multiple listens, and thought Dunies had “changed, man”. Apparently the guys came up with the idea for the track (recorded in the US with FIDLAR’s Zac Carper) after literally spending all day asking strangers at Walmart if they knew Scott Green – because of course they did.

Babaganouj, Star
Brisbane’s beloved Babaganouj bbs have been churning out banger after banger in 2016 as part of their INSANELY ambitious/impressive effort to release 3 EPs in the space of twelve months. Star is the first taste of Clarity Restored, the upcoming third EP in the trifecta – and it’s bullshit fun. Stacks of crunch, 80s nostalgia, and lovesick lyrics push this one to quintessential earworm of the summer status. Oh, and did we mention the ‘Nouj are big in Japan? They’re embarking on a tour over there next year to spruik what is sure to be a feelgood, hooky, fucking fun as hell EP.

 Image: Babaganouj