Golden Features Drops Incredible Double Release “Wolfie/Funeral”

Since his explosion onto the Australian electronic scene back in 2014, Sydney’s Tom Stell aka Golden Features has been continually releasing pioneering electronic music, going on to brand himself as one of the most innovative producers, not only in Australia, but internationally. Known for his explosive genre-bending sound, Stell’s latest work is nothing short of stellar.

A double-sided single release, where each track displays wholly different sounds and vibes, one relaxed, the other brooding in darker tones. Wolfie is the first of the two, an ambient soundscape which was originally written as a lullaby for his nephew. Layered in silky smooth synths and beats, the atmospheric electronica makes way for some of the lushest vocals to grace a Golden Features production, courtesy of the one and only Julia Stone.

This is wonderfully contrasted with the dark, heavy rave anthem Funeral, which boasts an almost blood-curling blend of experimental screams and tones. Despite there being no vocal feature present, Funeral manages to reinvent itself masterfully over the course of three memorable minutes.

This release is the first on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, and to celebrate Harrison and Clay explained their enthusiasm in working with Stell,

“Two and half years ago we played our first show in Australia where we were introduced to one of the most unique and forward thinking producers we’ve ever met. That person was Golden Features. Golden’s tracks are dark, brooding, and impressively detailed.”
“He’s already made a name for himself in the Australian music scene and now we’re proud to say we’re bringing him into the family. Wolfie and Funeral exhibit his diverse range in production and songwriting. One’s blissfully nostalgic and the other is a dance party in hell, enjoy.”

This sudden release is simply a reminder as to why he is named one of the most cutting-edge producers, and a huge wake-up call for those who have been sleeping on him. Make sure you’re not of the latter!

Image: Facebook