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Flume’s Companion EP: What to Expect

Now that we’ve had a few months to digest the sophomore album of Australian producer Harley Streten, better known as Flume, you might have noticed its lack of staying power. Although the critically acclaimed second release from our golden boy had many shining moments – and boy, did they shine brightly – as a whole, there’s almost too much to digest. While its lead singles featuring vocalists Kai and Tove Lo are still enjoying heavy rotation, by and large the stunningly produced album hasn’t stuck. As a whole, it simply hasn’t been as impactful, certainly in comparison to his self-titled debut.

The Skin LP Preview, which came out right as calendars turned to 2016 hinted at an amazing album that to this point still does not exist. The 3 shining moments for many within the preview (located at approximately 0:20, 1:40, and 3:20) were not released on Skin itself, which caused some confusion and disappointment among fans.

Listen below:

Then, at the beginning of this month, Streten announced a new release. The Skin Companion EP is to be released November 25 and will feature four tracks which were apparently written at the same time as the rest of Skin.

Hopefully it’ll feel like a kind of compressed Skin, an overall tremendous album whose Achilles heel was its overwhelming expansiveness. Streten released a short preview, which showcases his genre-originating sound, along with some of the newer skills and stylings he’s accumulated in the years since. The four tracks are titled Trust, V, Heater, and Quirk, with Trust featuring previous collaborator and Preatures lead singer Isabella Manfredi.

The vinyl release will be mostly available in independent record stores across the globe including Rough Trade, Phonica, Red Eye and Amoeba – pre-order here.

You can preorder the vinyl now, and read our review of Skin here.

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