Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” Landing Friday

Well, it’s been a long and arduous and long and frustrating and long journey since Channel Orangebut it looks like Frank Ocean’s hugely anticipated follow-up record Boys Don’t Cry finally, gloriously has itself a concrete release date of this fucking Friday. No, seriously.

The New York Times has reported that Boys Don’t Cry will be available exclusively from Apple Music with some kind of print publication also available from that date. The report suggests that the record, Ocean’s third LP and his first in four years, may remain Apple exclusive for up to two weeks.

Apple Music looking at its projected increase in subscribers

The news comes overnight, following the Internet nearly having heart palpitations after Ocean’s website posted a mysterious live stream for several hours. The stream was of an empty studio with largely inaudible background noise and music, many speculating and hoping that it had something to do with the release of Boys Don’t Cry. After several hours and the whole stream looking like some kind of cruel troll, the good news broke.

The album has gone through date changes ad nauseum, the latest was by July of this year but August rolled around and many were left scratching their heads as to where Frank Ocean was. None of that matters now though, all that remains to be seen now (barring some kind of horrible change of circumstances) is whether or not Boys Don’t Cry A) can possibly manage to live up to its seminal predecessor and B) was worth all of this time and hype.

Four more days guys. Four more days…

Image: Rolling Stone; Gif: Giphy