Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder Invites Pearl Jam Karaoke Champs Onstage for “Daughter”

Pearl Jam and karaoke are two very polarising things, and in many circles usually used in the same sentence sarcastically, but who among us isn’t guilty of flirting with the enjoyment of both? Here’s your daily dose of stories you’ll pretend are super lame but that you actually find endearing: Eddie Vedder invited the winners of a local Pearl Jam karaoke competition onstage during their set at The Ride Festival to sing Daughter.

The resulting fan-filmed video is worthy of being submitted as evidence for the argument against disabling phone cameras at gigs. It’s suitably cheesy and heart-warming and the fans look nervous as all get-out but damned if they aren’t having a kick-ass time. Pretty good Vedder impressions too.

Big shout out to the ever-vocal/politically minded musician for subtly commenting on gun violence, too. He incorporated part of W.M.A into Daughter via the line “Police stopped my brother again”.

The festival took place over the weekend in Telluride, Colorado, and PJ’s set was a landmark one for a few other reasons, too. The band pulled Angel off its dusty shelf, where it’s been sitting for 22 years; they also played Society, the Vedder-penned track for Into The Wild live for the first time.

Image: Consequence of Sound