Metronomy, from left, Joseph Mount, Anna Prior, Gbenga Adelekan and Oscar Cash

Metronomy and Robyn Collide on “Hang Me Out To Dry”

The music created when two talented artists find themselves on the same wavelength is always pure magic. This time it’s Devon electronic veterans Metronomy and Stockholm pop queen Robyn’s new collaboration Hang Me Out To Dry, which has been released just days before Metronomy’s new album Summer 08 arrives.

Metronomy frontman Joseph Mount spoke about what the collaboration means to him when the song premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1. “I love her voice and to have it on my music just feels good,” he said before the song kicked in.

When it did it was electric, a beating drum humming underneath the glow of Robyn’s unmistakeably vibrant voice. The beat all but screams at you to dance as it invades your auditory senses. When Mount’s voice takes over, the music slows down to a sensual medley. “It means that we’re in love and that’s enough now/buckle up and windows down now,” he croons.

The synth takes to the percussion like a fish to water and the amazing sound created here parallels the chemistry between the voices to create the perfect example of a modern pop hit. Treat your ears to this wonderful blend of artists.

In our recent interview with Mount, he spoke about the significance the upcoming album has for him, stating, “All the songs on this album are very specifically attached to last year. It’s the first Metronomy album where my oldest child knows all the songs. I think for me, forever, this album will remind me of the time my son started to sing along to Metronomy, so it still does place it firmly in the now.”

Summer 08 will be released this Friday on Because Music.

Image: The AU Review