Listen: Mura Masa Remixes Foals, Blows our Minds

We here at Howl & Echoes have a healthy long term relationship with Foals. Their 2015 album What Went Down was picked apart by some of our best, and the consensus was that it was a masterpiece of a record. We also collectively agree that Spanish Sahara is one of the best indie-rock songs ever released. What Went Down had a few amazing tracks that we’re still dancing to, and a new remix of Night Swimmers by Mura Masa will be keeping us grooving for a while yet.

Hailing from England and just 20 years old, Mura Masa has been making serious waves of late. You might recognise his name from the single Lovesick, which reached the top spot on the Spotify Viral charts in the US and UK. A shot at remixing a band as big and legendary as Foals is pretty great, and his remix does the original track justice.

Where the original was an airy, tropical indie piece, Mura Masa transforms it into a dance floor staple. The best part? None of the initial intricacies are lost – they’ve just evolved into something futuristic and dance-floor ready. Some of the best remixes are those which take a beloved track and transplant it into a totally new environment without necessarily creating something unrecognisable. It’s a great piece, and you can check it out below on Soundcloud, but it’s also on Spotify and Apple Music, so you can add it to your favourite playlists.

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Image: Soundcloud