REVIEW: Vera Blue Blasts Us Into A State Of Serenity With ‘Fingertips’

Vera Blue‘s Fingertips is only her second EP during her career, but after a listen you’d think her career had gone on for longer. As she goes through the lovely tracks, I kept wishing harder and harder that it was actually a full-length album.

Starting off with Hold, the angelic tone of her voice takes you immediately. Its beautiful sound is surely one to give Sia a run for her money as it lets a pleasurable ringing in your ears. Even though the slow melody is packed with so many layers, it isn’t enough to distract from listening to the beautiful words coming from her mouth.

In Settle, you can notice how the addition of the acoustic guitar provides a cool and interesting touch to her music. The slow and smooth song is so much more than just a nice sound, fuelling the imagination with calm images of serenity. When I first listened to it, it made me feel like I was standing in the middle of a forest looking up at the tall trees reaching towards the overcast sky as a cool and refreshing breeze blew around me calmly. The whimsical feel was captivating.

The title track had a hip-moving beat, running a bit faster than the previous one.  While the themes of lusting after another person when you’re with someone else seems a little unkind, the lyrics are so heartbreakingly beautiful. “I find you there when my lover’s gone, and I know we can harbour our lust.

The amazing lyrical combinations continue in Turn, as we hear the depth behind this light and pretty song. “Just because the sun always shines doesn’t mean you feel warm inside.” It’s music to anyone’s ears who has ever buried their feelings of self-loathing, sadness or worry. While someone may be bright and happy on the outside, it doesn’t anyway seem to be the same on the inside. The song is empowering for anyone who wants to get help, despite their crippling fear.

The final song Patterns closes the EP, leaving us wanting more from Blue. While it may sound like a mess in some places to some people, with an open mind you can hear its worth. With a cool instrumental arrangement and her beautiful voice once again transcending over the sounds, we see the last spark of her creativity. This is something we need to see again soon.

Image: The Music