MSTRKRFT Break Hiatus With Upcoming Album “Operator”

MSTRKRFT have been hiding away for five years, but now Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P have come back together with an album due to be released in June. They have also released a lush new single Party Line. With a strong electric sound and high energy tone, the new song is a great way to say “we’re glad to be back”.

The duo spoke to Billboard about their single and upcoming album. Al-P weight in on the single, saying, “We had a really strong instrumental piece with the working title Party Line that demanded a vocal with a certain swagger. Ian was able to re-contextualise the title and make it work with the lyrics he wrote, which became something we connected with personally, and fit perfectly with the entire album as a body of work.”

Their upcoming album Operator is a follow-up to 2009’s Fist Of God. Keeler explained what inspired the title of the album.

“While browsing military related websites and blogs, mostly consisting of vets talking to each other like any civilian I suppose, I noticed repeated reference to something they called ‘operator culture.’ It seemed to be something that was sometimes laughed at, sometimes caused disdain, but was referenced constantly and seemed to be understood by everyone. I came to believe the operator concept is one of detachment.”

To add more excitement to the mix, they also have a North American tour coming up in the beginning of June. They will start up in Washington DC, before visiting Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, California and finishing up in Ontario. See their dates and get your tickets here.

Listen to Party Line below. If you like what you hear, you should also check out their previously released single Little Red Hen. Their album Operator will be released on June 22.

Image: Exclaim