Aesop Rock Announces Highest First Week Sales Ever, Drops “Syrup” Ft. Homeboy Sandman & Open Mike Eagle

Aesop Rock has just announced that he’s seen the highest first week sales he’s ever had this month, following the release of his incredible new album The Impossible Kid (read our review here).

The rapper, real name Ian Bavitz, took to Instagram to share the news alongside a pic of his cute kitty Kirby, who has a song named after him on the album. In the track, Aes talks about how a therapist recommended he get a cat as a good form of drug-free therapy.

What’s more, is that he’s released a new song titled Syrup featuring Homeboy Sandman and Open Mike Eagle. The track was initially a bonus number on the new album, and has now been officially released by Rhymesayers:

The chemistry of this trio is undeniable. Each verse is understated and studied, vastly different from one another, yet in perfect atmospheric sync. The flow trails fluidly above the simple yet demanding beat, mercifully sparse enough to allow you to catch each phrase as it happens.

This is far from Aesop and Homeboy’s first collaboration. Last year, they dropped a collaborative EP titled Lice, released on Homeboy’s label Stones Throw. You can read my review here. They’re also currently on tour together in the USA, and Aesop features on Homeboy’s new album Kindness For Weakness, which dropped last week. Meanwhile, Aesop recently featured on Open Mic Eagle’s new track I Went Outside Today.

Image: Rhymesayers / Alex Pardee