Wanna Learn To Rap Really Fast? Logic & Tech N9ne Are Here To Help

Musicians are always told about the K.I.S.S mentality: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Anything that’s too complicated or over the top can ruin the “feel” of a song, and focusing on concepts like groove and dynamics are far more important.

MC’s Logic and Tech N9ne are two artists that don’t necessarily follow these safety instructions.

Both rappers are masters at ripping into beats at a furious pace, and they put their skills to the test in a recent backstage video from Logic’s Incredible True Story tour.

Coming into Logic’s dressing room, 90’s veteran Tech N9ne proceeds to answer questions from Logic about breathing techniques and how to sound clear onstage, before the two rappers trade some extraordinarily fast lines. Watch below.

Speaking about recording large chunks of fast lyrics, Tech N9ne noted that, “When you’re in the studio and you know that you can get it in one breath, you gotta do it.”

The pair then talk about how to pull off their rhymes onstage, with both rappers interestingly referring to their live backup men who help them catch lyrics that they might miss.

Tech N9ne notes how when performing, “It’s all about that clarity.”

“Motherfuckers will try to say ‘oh he goes faster’, but it’s not about that. You need to show out by being both fast and clear.”

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for Logic, with the fresh-faced rapper taking his sophomore album The Incredible True Story on tour throughout Europe over the next month.

Throw into the mix this recent collaboration with Juicy J and you have a young rapper who is really starting to hit their stride.

Tech N9ne has also been a busy man, recently donating bras he’s collected on tour to domestic violence survivors.

Image: Billboard