LISTEN: Kesha And Zedd’s Collaboration “True Colors”

Just in case you had forgotten how talented a singer Kesha actually is, let this be your reminder.

Having been a vocal and loyal supporter of Kesha throughout her legal battles with Sony and Dr. Luke, producer Zedd has proven that when he offered to work with her, he was completely serious. Following news yesterday the pop singer was back in the studio with the producer, the duo have come good on their promise that a new track would be dropping today. The song they’ve released today is a studio version of True Colors, which they performed together during Zedd’s Coachella set two weeks ago.

Having obtained the necessary permissions from Dr. Luke which allowed Kesha to feature on the track, the song has been released via Zedd’s label, Interscope Records, which is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. In short, it means that Dr. Luke sees none of the profit form any streams or purchases of the song, and he has zero writing or production credits.


Not only does the track feel like a personal declaration of Kesha’s strength, but it’s a sturdy reminder of her talent as a singer, which is something no judge, contractual dispute or other industry bullshit can take from her. The video teaser is no doubt purposely symbolic: Kesha frolics through roses, beaming and wonderfully free.

However, a long overdue new release (her last was a guest spot on Pitbull‘s 2013 track Timber) does not necessarily signal the end of Kesha’s legal battles. At present, litigation is taking place between Dr. Luke, Kesha and her family, across three different states, including a case against the singer’s mother for defamation.

Still, True Colors is a statement of strength and hopefully hints at more music to come in the future, or at the very least, Kesha’s opportunity to truly be truly free. If there are only a few, little things we can now do as listeners to support this woman, they are to listen to the song legally, to share it. Supporting an artist who has not only endured a decade of abuse, but not had the support she deserved when she finally spoke out about it, is of the utmost importance and right now, by doing those few small things, we can show her further that she has endless and enduring support.

Image: Facebook