Grimes & Stella McCartney Join Forces For Perfume Ad

Grimes is the star of the new advertisement for POP, a new fragrance developed with Stella McCartney. The perfume is described as “environmentally friendly,” with its packaging created from sustainable trees. Their project was announced a month ago with an Instagram post shared by Grimes:

McCartney’s website shows that Grimes isn’t the only collaborator on the job. Others include animal activist and model Kenya Kinski-Jones, actress Amandla Stenberg and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon.

The sustainable nature of the product is one of the themes of the commercial, which opens with Grimes at a photoshoot. “Sustainability in fashion stuff is something I really care about. That’s one of the reasons I like Stella so much. Not something that sort of exists for the sake of aesthetics but something that exists because someone cares about it,” she says in the voiceover. 

As we continue watching the advertisement, the conversation changes as the theme of friendship is discussed. Over images of Grimes putting on the perfume, posing for each photo and laughing with some of the other collaborators, we hear her say:

“I actually feel like my friends are the best cuz they always tell me when my shit sucks. I take what they say into consideration more than anyone else probably. I mean I think friendship is important to all non-sociopaths. I guess humans needs friendship to live. It’s interesting to watch anything executed with confidence. I think it can be beautiful.”

Grimes will embark on a huge tour that will include shows in the US, Canada and Europe from May 14th. See the dates and get your tickets here. Read our review of Grimes’ performance at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre. See the photos here.

Watch the colourful advertisement below.

Image: Amy Heycock/Howl & Echoes