Ladyhawke Announces Third Album ‘Wild Things’ And Drops Two New Tracks

It might not seem like it, but it’s been nearly eight years since New Zealand’s Ladyhawke dropped her 2008 self-titled debut LP and another four since 2012 follow-up Anxiety.

Keeping to what appears to be a four-year studio cycle, it seems that the electro-pop artist isn’t into rushing things.

“People wonder why there’s always a massive gap between my albums,” revealed Ladyhawke in a press statement issued by Universal Music. “The simple explanation: I’ve never released anything I’m not proud of. That’s important to me. I don’t want to release anything that I have a weird feeling about.”

But it looks like there were also more personal reasons for the delay, with the artist conceding she scrapped a near-complete album worth of material. “It felt too dark or something,” she revealed to The Guardian this week. After previously admitting to the publication in 2008 that she had been drinking heavily since age 16, it seems that the singer was continuing to struggle with alcoholism after her second album. Yet despite hitting some serious lows since 2012, the singer has re-emerged in a far better place. “A year and a half ago I said I have to change my life otherwise I’m going to make the same record,” she stated. “So I stopped drinking, got really healthy, got in a really stable environment. I think living in LA is really good for me as well.”

In anticipation of her latest album, Ladyhawke has now shared artwork, a tracklist as well as pop-savvy tracks Sweet Fascination and A Love Song from the LP.

Wild Things is expected to drop on June 3rd.

Tracklist for Wild Things:

1. A Love Song
2. The River
3. Wild Things
4. Let It Roll
5. Chills
6. Sweet Fascination
7. Golden Girl
8. Hillside Avenue
9. Money to Burn
10. Wonderland
11. Dangerous