Future Of The Left Release New Single And Reveal Date For Next Album

It’s been two and a half years between releases for Cardiff noise makers Future Of The Left. 2013’s How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident was met with near universal acclaim after its production was crowdfunded in its entirety in a mere five hours and then released independently via the band’s own Prescriptions label.

Adopting the same approach for their next album, Future Of The Left subsequently shattered their previous five hour mark and had a follow-up funded in just three and a half hours, indicative as much of the growing numbers of new fans off the back of How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident as it was of the dedication of their longer-tenured fans. Either way, it’s an incredibly bright sign for the future of smaller artists everywhere that one of them has managed such success with crowdfunding.

That next album has been announced with a (very near) release date this week. Titled The Peace And Truce Of Future Of The Left, it’s set for release on the 8th of April and what we’ve heard so far has been nothing but positive.

First single The Limits Of Battleships was released in February and is vitriolic. It’s a short and sharp burst of energy laced in venom. As someone who hasn’t heard the band before, it’s like Alexisonfire sparring with Public Image Ltd, all dirty riffs and sneering vocals that veer into spoken word territory often.

Their latest single is the incredibly satisfying to say If AT&T Drank Tea What Would BP Do? is a bit more of a slow-burner, marching percussion behind a klaxon guitar riff and a crusty bass line. The tempo charges ahead in the chorus, frontman Andy Falkous shrieking almost every word throughout. It’s coarse and it’s visceral and just fantastic.

And if a new album weren’t enough, Future Of The Left are once again rewarding their many faithful fans who contributed to the album by releasing a mini-album to coincide. To Failed States And Forest Clearings was recorded alongside The Peace And Truce and will be made available earlier to any fans who pledged their hard-earned dollars to the crowdfunding campaign back in December.

We’re looking forward to what’s next from Future Of The Left and the implications their crowdfunding success may have for other artists who might not get the chance to make their music through traditional channels.

The Peace And Truce Of Future Of The Left is out April 8th via Remote Control Records. Pre-order it at: http://smarturl.it/FOTLbuyalbum