George Martin

“Fifth Beatle” Sir George Martin Dies Age 90

Ringo Starr took to Twitter today to share the news that Sir George Martin, “the fifth Beatle” passed away at the age of 90. Widely regarded as one of the greatest producers of all time, Martin was the man who gave The Beatles their first recording contract in 1962 after they auditioned for him at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios. They signed with EMI records after being turned down by producers from a bunch of other major labels who subsequently learnt the true meaning of regret.

Sir Martin was often referred to as “the fifth Beatle” for producing the majority of their music and his significant contributions to the band’s success. A true music legend who throughout his career was awarded several Grammys and BRIT awards, produced 30 UK and 23 US number 1 singles, earned an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and even an Oscar nod for his work on A Hard Day’s Night.  He was knighted in 1996 in recognition of his lifelong contributions to British music 

Sir Martin also produced songs for Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Jeff Beck as well as solo material for Paul McCartney. In 1996 he compiled and produced his final album In My Life, a collection of Beatles songs covered by the likes of Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Goldie Hawn among others. A powerful farewell to a decades long career that has given so much to music in England and across the world.

Image: The Times UK