50 Cent Admits Cash He Posed With Was Fake

The word “bankruptcy” is getting thrown around a lot these days but no one actually seems to be going broke. You might remember in July of last year 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy – a move that he said was for “protection, so I’m not taken advantage of.” In the now seven months since then, we’ve seen the same 50 posting photos of himself with piles of cash, making us all question, “Is he really broke?”

Well, apparently the U.S Bankruptcy Court was curious to ask 50 the same thing, and they did. He’s due to answer questions this week about all the cash he’s been posing with on Instagram, but in court papers 50 has already admitted to something pretty interesting, and sad. Apparently, all that money was fake.

Yikes – it’s understandable that 50 wants to keep up appearances and not let his bankruptcy (if it exists) get in the way of how people see him, but this is taking it to the next level. Also, how much thought went into setting up each of these fake photographs that could’ve been better spent – I don’t know – organising your money better or trying to make some of it back? These are funny photos, but surely his time could have been used way more productively.

This all follows on from news last week that 50’s 50,000 square foot mansion had been sold for USD$8 million, and is set to become an assisted living facility. All hope and wishes to Mr. Cent, but if anything this is a very embarrassing lesson learnt.

Image: xxlmag