10 Quick Questions With Porches

Porches is the recording project of New York based artist Aaron Maine, laden with melancholic lyrics juxtaposed against synth-driven pop melodies, hazy and hypnotising in its moody layers. We recently posed some questions to Maine on the eve of the release of album Pool, which dropped last Friday. Expanding on the themes and elements of previous efforts Slow Dance in the Cosmos (2013) and Je T’aime (2011), the album was the first that he had recorded entirely in his New York home studio, allowing the time and creative freedom to explore and cement the projects sound.

About to head out on tour, we were keen to fire some quick questions at the artist and get a little insight into the recording process, working with your signifiant other and what the future might look like.

The new album was recorded almost entirely in your apartment. How do you create a creative space at home?

I have a small little recording set up in the back of our living room… I try to keep it clean, arrange it in a pleasing way, hang art that I like looking at around, and make it as appealing as possible.

New York plays a big part in your music. Can you tell us about the influence the city had on this record and how it has influenced your overall sound?

It is truly an inspiring city.  I think I am affected in more ways than i’m even aware of.  It’s pace, it’s style, it’s architecture it’s attitude, I find it all very attractive, and I think it all finds a way into my music

Your partner and collaborator Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos) is also an artist. How do you influence each other creatively, but then also separate the personas from real life?

We have an ongoing conversation about our separate projects.  I admire her songwriting, melodies, lyrics so much.  We will always show each other what we’re currently working on and talk about it as artists that respect each other.  She inspires me to grow.

What does a night off consist of for you guys? 

Usually playing ping pong , watching Seinfeld or Buffy, or dinner or something.  Though I do love working recording and writing music and it never feels like actual “work”, and therefore I don’t feel like I ever  need a “night off”

The album has a bit of a cinematic feel. What is the most Hollywood romantic moment you’ve had?

Most romantic hollywood moment would be Greta straddling me and giving me a tattoo of my first dogs name on my chest on the first night we hung out.

There is a strong 80’s throw back sound. Were you inspired by any particular aesthetic or mediums?

I got very interested in some vintage synthesizers and drum machines.  I wanted it to be chic, driving, stark, warm, and full of love.

You’re about to head out on tour for 30+ stops until the end of April. What do you think is going to keep you sane?

I love everyone in the band deeply and enjoy their company.. I think we keep each other sane… perhaps.

Do you enjoy the long stints or are you more of a homebody?

Much more of a homebody. I feel more productive writing and recording, but I do love performing for people.  I just wish it didn’t take up so much time

Now that you have a solid home base to record from, what is next for you? 

I want to record the next record at home again.  I’ve been writing and recording every day since the album was done 4 months ago. Learning, discovering new sounds, figuring out what feels like the best next move.

Any international touring plans on the cards?

Some things are cooking for sure!

Check out the hypnotic video for Hour below and get lost in the full album here.