Introducing LNZNDRF, Featuring Members Of The National And Beirut

Touted as being “rock minimalism meets sonic maximalism”, LNZNDRF (LANZENDORF) is a new project featuring Scott and Bryan Devendorf of The National and Beirut‘s Ben Lanz. Judging by the three tracks that have already been released, that statement rings very true indeed. Presumably, the name is a symbolic amalgamation of “Devendorf” and “Lanz”.

Recorded in a Cincinnati church over the course of two and a half days, much of the album was born out of improvisation and edited together from jam sessions lasting longer than 30 minutes each. The end result? A sound that harks back to the reason the members became musicians in the first place and a strong evocation of a live, heavily improvised performance.

Beneath the Black Sea, Kind Things, and Mt. Storm are the first three songs we’ve heard off the band’s self-titled debut, which is set for release on February 19th. The videos accompanying the tracks hold true to that idea that these songs were born out of extensive jam sessions, as do the time stamps, with the songs hitting the 6, 8 and 9 minute marks respectively. Eight songs in total, you can check out the track listing for LNZNDRF and take a listen to the offerings so far below.

LNZNDRF Track listing: 

1. Future You
2. Beneath the Black Sea
3. Mt. Storm
4. Kind Things
5. Hypno-Skate
6. Stars and Time
7.  Monument
8. Samarra