Father John Misty Shares Hilarious “Rejected” Pandora Promos

Father John Misty is quickly becoming one of the music industry’s funniest members. From trolling the entire world with a batshit “dream” he had about the late Lou Reed to hosting impromptu Q&As with fans in lieu of encores on his recent world tour, even through to his unsuspectingly witty lyrics, real name Josh Tillman is actually a really funny dude.

Now, he has taken to Soundcloud to upload a few cuts of promos he did for online radio service Pandora that didn’t quite make the cut. You would assume they aren’t real, but if we have learned one thing about FJM, it’s that you should never, ever assume (he really knocked us for a six with the Lou Reed dream thing).

Poking fun not only at himself, but at the task of recording promos to get people to listen to his music, they’re as over the top as you would imagine. From talking about how when he was a kid “radio was on the radio” instead of being online, to how a particular mix is as close as you will get to wearing a “veritable skin suit” of him on and how you can be him for “one terrifying hour”, these cuts are really, really great. Hear for yourself below.