Travis Scott pleads guilty for Lollapalooza stampede

Travis Scott has pleaded guilty to charges of reckless conduct, after he literally incited a riot during his set at Lollapalooza last August.

During the set, Scott encouraged fans to jump the security barricades, while telling security- who he referred to as “everyone in a green shirt”- to get out of the way. His set lasted all of five minutes before being shut down, despite his admissions to the crowd that “we can start over, everybody just get down”. Scott attended court last Tuesday (Dec 22nd), where a judge ruled that he be placed under court supervision for a year.

It’s a small blemish on what has been a huge year for the rapper, having released his debut LP Rodeo last September to considerable acclaim.

While there were no major injuries, one 15 year old girl was said to have been trampled- and he was arrested by Chicago police moments after the set’s short finish. At that time, the Office of Emergency Management released a statement stating that, “The performer played one song and then began telling fans to come over the barricades. Due to the security’s quick response, the situation was remedied immediately and no fans were injured. The performer fled the scene and was taken into custody a short while later.”

It’s unknown at this point how this ruling will effect Scott’s upcoming support slot on Rihanna’s ANTI tour- but as is stands it seems that he got off lightly.