Ten Top Tracks You Need To Hear Now

As 2015 begins to wrap up, and holiday season well and truly gets underway, the need for “holiday jams” as we like to call it gets pretty dire. Thankfully, we’ve had our ears to the figurative ground this week and have collected ten top tracks you should be jamming into your ears right this second. Enjoy!

Dreamers, Shooting Shadows

Good old indie rock at it’s finest, this Dreamers’ track has a driving beat, some searing guitar work and vocals that remind me of any of the great indie rock frontmen (Alex Turner or Julian Casablancas, anyone?). It’s angsty, punchy, and powerful, and has us really excited for the band’s forthcoming album that is said to be in the works.

VHS Collection, Lean

Hailing from NYC, VHS Collection make songs that practically make good times happen. Warm, fun, catchy but not overdone, Lean perfectly encapsulates the band into one track- a move we hope to hear a lot more of in 2016.

Dividem, The Beat Is My Master

Tipped to really blow up next year, Dividem started making waves with their last single, All In My Head, and now they’re set to do it all again with this bad boy. Hard hitting, dark, pulsating and threatening, The Beat Is My Master is exactly the type of track a duo with this much hype around them should be releasing going into a new year, and we can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.

Project 46, Signs (Ft. Shantee)

Coming out via tastemaker label Monstercat, duo Project 46 have teamed up with the heavenly Shantee for this serene song. Titled Signs, this is what I like to call a “gentle banger”. It might be an oxymoron, but with it’s soft drop, subtle synths, airy vocals and tender bassline, there isn’t a better term to describe it. Summer in a song!

Jodie Abacus, I’ll Be That Friend (Boston Bun Remix)

South-London rapper Jodie Abacus is quickly becoming a H&E favourite with his soul-pop jams, and this remix is another example of why we just can’t get enough of it. His nostalgic voice and style mixed with Boston Bun’s forward thinking production makes for an aural overload in the best possible sense.

Landings, My Bones

Brisbane newcomers Landings released their first ever single this week, and what a single it is! Taking inspiration from fellow Brisbane bands like Last Dinosaurs and The Jungle Giants, their guitar-focused indie-rock/pop sounds spot on here, and has our intrigue well and truly piqued for future releases.

Djemba Djemba & Maribelle, Shout

One of our favourite producers teaming up with one of Australia’s most promising up-and-comers, Djemba Djemba and Maribelle are a match made in musical heaven. Maribelle’s achievements speak for themselves, with production credits on both Major Lazer‘s and Alison Wonderland‘s 2015 albums, as well as being the sensational singer on Carmada‘s stellar track, On Fire. Djemba Djemba is a producer that needs no introduction, as he continues his journey towards total world domination. Together, the pair bring out the absolute best in each other, creating Shout just in time for your weekend.

Lemon., Dope Baby

Incorporating elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop and more, Toronto artist Lemon. doesn’t exactly fit anywhere whilst fitting everywhere at the same time. This smoky, hazy track is seductive and hypnotic, and had us hooked from about 2 seconds in with it’s thick synths, piercing drums, unique vocals and more swirling together. Stunning.

Time Pilot, Zulu

Pilerats Records‘ most recent signees, Time Pilot have been on my radar for a while thanks to their absolute enormous tunes. Living by the motto “go big or go home”, the duo smash everything they touch- and this latest single is no exception. Self-described as “Lion King at 5am in the club”, Zulu is yet another massive release from Time Pilot. We’re expecting big things to come from these two!

What So Not, Oddity

Choosing to release an EP this close to the end of the year may be a risky move for some, but considering the fact that What So Not is one of the biggest producers in the country, I don’t really think he will have much difficulty getting his new music out there. Available for free download now via his Soundcloud, What So not has delivered the goods with this EP, and in particular this track. If there is any wonder left why What So Not is as big as he is right now, this release shows why.