Jungle keen to collaborate with Noel Gallagher

Recently, one of music’s most outspoken personalities, Noel Gallagher took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. Notorious for digging up a bit more than your standard interview, the sessions are a music writer’s goldmine when it comes to further insight into some of music’s biggest names. Whilst Kevin Parker of Tame Impala fame actually opened up a legal shitstorm in regards to ex-label Modular and a scandal surrounding royalties owed, Gallagher’s was – surprisingly – quite tame.

Perhaps because we are so used to his chest-beating brashness, we may have been expecting more, but this more calm side was more than welcome by fans. However, there was one promising little nugget to come from the session.  When asked about his favourite modern day bands, Gallagher replied, “There’s a band called Jungle. Fucking hell, they are amazin’.”

Pretty high praise from the man known for ruthlessly slagging off other musicians.

It seems the news has fallen upon open and eager ears, as Jungle have now returned the praise to the Oasis guitarist and songwriter. Co-founder Josh Lloyd-Watson told Loaded just how keen the band would be to even work with him, saying, “Of course we’d be interested in working with Noel. We’d love to get in a room with someone who’s achieved so much.”

Lloyd-Watson admitted to his status as an Oasis fanboy, adding, “We’d need to spend at least 20 minutes quizzing Noel first, about, ‘How did you do that song?’ and, ‘What was the row with Blur really like?’” Fellow founder, Tom McFarland, added further, “It’d be like going back to school. But the question really is: does Noel have any good riffs for us to use?”

So, could a Gallagher x Jungle collab be in the works? Both acts are working on follow up records currently, but Noel DID present the band with the prize for Most Played New Independent Act at the AIM Independent Music Awards in September. The band clearly have his respect, and Noel is known for being slightly unpredictable, so it seems time can only tell. Until then, join us in jamming out to Jungle’s fantastic breakout track, Busy Earnin’ below.