Happy Thanksgiving, it’s a new track from Jay Rock, Kendrick and SZA

Start carving the turkey and be thankful, a new banger from Jay Rock is fresh out the oven and  just in time for silly season. Titled Traffic Jam, it’s a remix of another Jay Rock cut Easy Bake off of his sophomore album 90059. The original track featured Jay Rock’s Black Hippy brother in arms, one Lord Kendrick Lamar, who seemingly can’t go more than three hours without featuring in something, and the Traffic Jam remix throws songstress SZA into the mix to layer some honey-sweet vocals over J and K’s bars of fire. Have a listen:

Crap on a crust, Kendrick’s verse is ludicrously good (‘Chris Paul West Coast All Star stupid’ to be as precise as I can) to the point that you can just picture him twirling words around on a string. His running mate Jay Rock is no slouch lyrically either, finishing the track off in an utter blaze of fire. SZA’s vocals as smoky and soulful as ever and the trio are a formidable musical force.

It’s short and sweet at a mere two and a half minutes but any time anyone from Black Hippy gets together to collaborate (and then throws SZA in to the mix) it’s an absolute delight. We’re thankful for such a nifty release right in the middle of the doldrums of that slow and barren end of year period for new music.