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LISTEN: Phia gives Radiohead a sweet, sweet makeover

Sometimes a cover comes along that allows you to revisit a really great track from a really different perspective. It can be a really exciting, invigorating experience when it’s done right. This is the perfect example of that.

Australian artist Phia has covered Radiohead‘s wonderful In Rainbows opener 15 Step. It’s not easy to cover a song with such a distinct, recognisable feel, but this one absolutely works.

The Melbourne-born artist, also known as Sophia Exiner, has flipped both structure and sound on its head; starting directly on the melody, her delicate voice is backed by hand claps and sparse percussive beats. As the track begins to build and take shape,you’ll be mesmerized by the humming and harmonizing vocal layers, filling up every space in the gorgeous, rapidly expanding soundscape.

You can watch Phia performing the track live here. This is the first track from Phia’s forthcoming album The Ocean Of Everything, due out in 2016.

Phia has two gigs coming up in Victoria – we highly recommend attending if you’re in town. Mark our words: this is an artist to watch.

December 23, 2015: The Worker’s Club, Melbourne
With Josh the Cat & Edward Francis

December 30 – January 1
: NYE On The Hill @ Lock Village, Victoria

Originally published on Indie Shuffle