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GoldLink makes PG-rated video clip for his Mum

Emerging DMV artist and creator of self described ‘future bounce’ sounds, GoldLink is not known for self-exposure. Up until this year, the artist was as enigmatic as they come with next to no personal information on the artist released. While he may avoid the spotlight, there’s one thing we can ascertain through his new music video for Dance On Me – GoldLink loves his mama.

Dance On Me is about as sexy as they come, one could assume from the lyrics that there would be a wide range of sexual video synopses that could be born. However, GoldLink decided to take an entirely different approach.

Explaining in an email to website The Fader, GoldLink described how ‘Mom said she loves Dance On Me, but the lyrics are rated R’. Bending to her will, GoldLink created a PG-rated video, that is fun for the whole family – mum included. The video details the plight of a young protagonist, as he is called down to his shop to clean up after a break in, only to find that the culprits are still at the scene of the crime. Rather than fighting with them, the protagonist decides to join them as an alternate solution. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

GoldLink shared the video with a heart-warming message, ‘Mom, I made you a video that’s PG’.

Check out the video here, it’s very SFW.