Melbourne’s Planète is changing Australian electronic music

Altair is the newest single from Melbourne’s Planète (real name Dion Tartaglione), easily one of the most innovative and interesting new Australian electronic artists. There aren’t many producers who can release tracks well over the five-minute mark and still leave me wanting more, but Planète’s latest single is a real testament to his talent.

Drawing influence from part-ambient, part-experimental, all-talented artists like Four Tet and Pantha Du Prince (who he opened for when PDP visited Australia last year), his colourful, meticulously composed rhythms and melodies are equally enveloping and invigorating.

Burning slowly at first, the beat on Altair soon picks up into a clanky shuffle. Each percussive sound has its own timbre, creating melodic flows within itself. The synths feel crafted in response to that rhythm — not only the anchor, but the driving force of the entire track.

Mark our words: Planète is a name to remember.

Originally posted on Indie Shuffle