Bigsound 2015 timetables are here

Every year Bigsound stretches the limits of just how much ridiculously good music can be contained in one two-night lineup. They’ve done it yet again for Bigsound 2015 and the timetables are out, leaving those lucky enough to be attending damn near pulling their hair out by the roots trying to work out how to best defy the laws of time and physics in order to catch as many of these up and coming acts as possible.

Hold onto your butts:






If your fitness is questionable you totally still have time to get in reasonable shape for this one, with sprinting through the streets of Fortitude Valley being both acceptable and necessary for these two nights.

We’ll be breaking down the top Bigsound acts to catch bright and early next week once we’ve processed this beautiful nightmare but if you want a little taste of what you might be in for this go around, check out our review of Bigsound 2014 right here.