A week in music videos

Rytmeklubben: Girlfriend

Feel free to disagree, but this is probably one of the best music videos I’ve seen this year. It starts with the simple idea of creating a music video that is completely seen via an Ipad screen. We follow Rytmeklubben’s every click as he navigates his way through text messages, tweets, photos and the entire world that we created for ourselves on our computers. The clip features cameos from up and coming producers such as Wave Racer, Cosmos Midnight, Basenji and Sable and more, but my personal favourite moment is when Kanye West requests to Facetime. Rytmeklubben declines (obvs) he’s too busy making a music video. The overall effect is lighthearted, but it points out how incredibly digital our lives really are. Through a few clicks and typed words Rytmeklubben conveyed so much about his networks and lifestyle.

MYAMI: Soldier

MYAMI has released a music video for her debut single, Soldier, and in a word it is powerful. Again starting with a simple idea, MYAMI stands in a white room (wearing a similar get-up to the outfits worn by the women in Robert Thicke’Blurred Lines.) In certain shots, her hands, and then her hair and clothes are covered in a thick black ink. The music video speaks of the concerns for young women going into the music industry, and the artist’s own battle between her true self and the expectations of others. The track was produced by beatmaker and collaborator Wayfarer, and toes a beautiful line between soft vocals and strong, sharp beats.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Ur Life One Night

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have dropped a very quirky, enchanting music video for their latest track Ur Life One Night. Directed by Manoj Leonel Jahson, the clip incorporates various themes of Asian art and Indian miniatures from the Mughai-era to create a dreamlike experience. Jahson spoke about wanted to create that abstract sense of magic:

“When we first spoke with UMO, the idea of creating something abstract yet fun, for their single “Ur Life One Night” sounded very exciting. I am deeply inspired by the quirky Indian magical-realism from our mythology and wanted to create something rooted but still visually appealing. The music lent a dream-like quality and the lyric pushed us to the motif of the Goddess being pursued, yet always being out of reach.”

Crayon Fields: She’s My Hero

Crayon Fields have put out a lovely music video to go with their track She’s My Hero, which comes from their latest album No One Deserves You. Featuring some very sassy men in sunnies, the clip is composed of a collage of different shots of beaches, sea creatures and boats. Essentially where you’d rather be. Feel-good easy watching at its finest.

Mod Sun: Free Love

When they gave Mod Sun money to direct and shoot his own music video, he had a bit of a field day. He pretty much sums his excitement up perfectly via the text on the screen:

“On May 19th Rostrum Records gave me money to shoot a proper video for my song Free Love. I decided to throw a party for all friends on a rainy afternoon. And spend all the cash on ridiculous things like trampolines and girls clothes and a half pipe.”

The clip embodies Mod Sun’s spirit perfectly; relaxed, no shits given, and infectiously joyful.

City Calm Down: Rabbit Run

When you first watch City Calm Down’s latest clip for Rabbit Run you might mistakenly believe that it’s just another generic post-apocalyptic music video set in a shopping complex. It’s not though. It’s all in one take. The amount of preparation that would have gone into making sure that everything worked perfectly, from the singer’s words being in time to the extras coming in on cue must have been substantial. As to whether the pain was worth the gain… I’m not sure. The single shot gives the music video a gentle, mournful sense of motion, working perfectly with the doomsday/zombie apocalypse vibe. Then again it would have a fucking pain in the arse to shoot.