Youth Lagoon releases new single and announces a third album

While he was touring in support of his sophomore album Wondrous Bughouse in 2013, Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon, got one of the most difficult phone calls a person ever could. One of his closest friends had passed away unexpectedly and the dream pop/lo-fi artist canceled the rest of the tour in order to return to his native Idaho. Since then, Powers has spoken about how that experience made him reconsider his approach to Youth Lagoon, forcing him t completely refocus his direction.

That new focus has since resulted in an album, Savage Hills Ballroom, the first single off which was released over the weekend. Powers sent a handful of exclusive, limited edition 7″ to a few record stores around the globe, along with a link to the announcement of the name of his upcoming (and much anticipated) third album. The Knower showcases Powers’ vocals in a much more stripped back, unaffected way as they deal with sensitive, darker subject matter much in the way Youth Lagoon has in the past. The crescendo builds with the introduction of a sole trumpet,  eventually enlisting the power of an entire brass section. Unguarded and open, The Knower hints that Savage Hills Ballroom will present a different side to Powers’ and his songwriting, while still managing to be intrinsically Youth Lagoon.

Savage Hills Ballroom was recorded in Bristol following a move by Powers away from Idaho. There he worked with  Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Gravenhurst) towards a final, 10-track product which is set for release on September 25th via Fat Possum Records.

Savage Hills Ballroom Tracklist:
1. Officer Telephone
2. Highway Patrol Stun Gun
3. The Knower
4. No One Can Tell
5. Doll’s Estate
6. Rotten Human
7. Kerry
8. Again
9. Free Me
10. X-Ray