Sleater-Kinney Give Teen Girls Advice

As part of Rookie‘s Ask A Grown series (which has in the past featured sage advice from non-terrible adults including Run the Jewels and Karen O), Croin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein of riot grrrl band Sleater-Kinney sat down at a venue in Dublin to record a Q&A-style video.

Over the course of seven minutes, the duo give advice on everything from kissing (“kissing is kind of scary”) to letting someone down gently (“I think he’s going to appreciate you being upfront with him”). The third piece of advice is a one-two punch, dealing sensitively and sensibly with the topics of coming out and telling a telling a friend that you have a crush on them. After talking about finding resources and making new friends within the community in order to feel more comfortable with being openly gay, they end the video with a strong and important message:

“Making these small acts of bravery in your life are small steps toward becoming an open person, someone that’s generous and compassionate.”