Mac Demarco, ‘No Other Heart’

Mac Demarco understands the moony swoons that pour from nascent lovers. He gets the subtlety of ‘amour’, that it is both euphoric and mundane, new yet familiar. His old and new music continues to demonstrate this. Maccy has shared a new single, No Other Heart, from his upcoming mini-LP Another One, out on the 7th of August via captured tracks. The song is a cool, lay-back-in-your-chair tune with the jizz-jazzer’s usual twangy riffs and atmospheric soundscapes. Its 70s-revival sound has got me feeling all nostalgic; lost and found loves flash fast to my mind.        

I’ve Been Waiting for Her is different to Mac Demarco’s most recent release. Its a bit crisper – hot day at the beach crisp – and more refreshing. Its all here: Demarco’s signature diction that sits cozily in your ears, his straightforward and unpretentious melodies, and, most of all, his familiarity (everything he makes feels heart-achingly reminiscent).   

So get excited as this maestro continues to release his time-traveling musical magic.