The Best Songs of This Week

Friday, as usual, brings with it good vibes that just can’t be beaten by any other day in the week. Add to that the fact that each Friday also brings with it our playlist made up of the best songs of that week, and you can understand why this day is such a great day in H&E land. This week we are serving up a electronica-heavy mix, with gems from local talents Golden Vessel, Oisima, Charles Murdoch and more. There is also a stellar new track from Jouk Mistrow, new stuff from MT Warning, a banger from Paces, an amazing collab by Alice Ivy and Chloe Beckwith and an very interesting number from LA Priest. Also joining the ranks is the new song by RW Grace (formerly Grace) and newcomers Noire, so you can rest assured your weekend listening is absolutely sorted. Enjoy!

Golden Vessel Ft. Tiana Khasi – Borrowed Time

Two Brisbane newcomers teaming up on this one. The silky smooth vocals of Khasi soar over Golden Vessel’s heavenly arrangements to create a powerful and intimate track showcasing just how much potential both of them are sitting on. Keep an ear out for the narrow end of the track where Golden Vessel takes over to show off his stellar production chops, and let Khasi’s serene singing wash over you like the beautiful cloud it is. Too much? Not enough.

RW Grace – Shell

Fun fact – this Perth artist was discovered by the late Heath Ledger when she was going under her full name of Grace Woodroofe. After that, she dropped the surname and stepped up her game, but it wasn’t until she changed her name one final time to RW Grace that she really stepped into her own. Shell is a badass, headstrong track that will make you strut down the street like you bloody well own the place. Huge rises and falls, soaring vocals and crashing percussion – Shell is heralding in a new era for the singer, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Luke Million Ft. Jesse Davidson – Fear The Night (Oisima Remix)

We featured the original version of this track a few weeks back, but never did we think we’d hear it like this! Oisima is having his biggest year yet, and it’s exciting to see what he can do with his remix hat on instead. Taking the disco floor filler into some sort of Middle Eastern jazz lounge (is there such a place?), the Adeladian breathes new life into the track, spinning it into something that would sit perfectly at home with his new album.

Paces Ft. Reija Lee – Hold It Down

This one’s a banger. There is something about Paces’ music that makes me feel like I’m on a deserted island somewhere. Reija Lee holds it down (pun intended) with her sassy lyrics, whilst Paces keeps it grooving with his hip hop laden, tropical beats. The pair are a match made in heaven, and I am hoping this is a sign of more new tracks to come from the Gold Coast producer.

Noire – Just Like Honey

Even though “dream pop” seems like the latest trend to emerge as of late, I don’t mind it one bit when it sounds like this. Sydney newcomers Noire have just released their debut single Just Like Honey – a crisp, gentle, but slightly melancholy track with emotion to spare. The high pitched guitar in the background drives the track as the drums pierce the wall of sound and the heavenly lead vocals. Totally sublime.

Jouk Mistrow – Oh Well

Brisbane band Jouk Mistrow dropped this bad boy just yesterday, but it’s already become one of my favourites for this week. The sound is huge, the band is tight and that lead guitar alone is enough for me. They’re celebrating the release tonight at The Milk Factory in Brisbane, and rightly so. I’m throwing caution to the wind and saying Oh Well is a turning point of sorts for this band. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Alice Ivy Ft. Chloe Beckwith – Paint Me Blue

This is one of the more beautiful tracks I’ve heard in recent times. Starting off with delicate keys, a pounding bass drum and smoky, soulful vocals, Paint Me Blue had me hooked from about the first 10 seconds. Not that you should need anymore incentive to listen and purchase the track after hearing it, but Alice Ivy has decided to donate 80% of the proceeds to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. A good song AND a good deed?! Click here to find out more!

MT Warning – When It All Bleeds Out

MT WARNING have been busy readying themselves and their fans for their new EP dropping next month on July 10, but this latest track is definitely my favourite by far. When It All Bleeds Out is unsuspecting and raw, whilst laid back and restrained. Going from a leisurely stroll to a full force sprint, the track gains momentum quickly, snowballing into a powerful, searing roar with delicate harmonies and beautiful lyrics. The band themselves said of the track, “Truth has no advisors, truth has no game plan. When it goes unobserved little pieces fall from you til there’s no pieces left. When It All Bleeds Out is an observation of that notion, waking up to what you really want and standing up for your truth, no matter the consequence.” Powerful words for a powerful song; we can’t wait for this EP!

LA Priest – Lady’s In Trouble With The Law

Former frontman of Late of The Pier Sam Dust has been hard at work with his solo project under the moniker LA Priest, with Lady’s In Trouble With The Law being his third and latest single for the project. Unsurprisngly, each release has been quite different from the rest, with this track being no exception to that. Continuing to reiterate that his forthcoming album Inji “is a record that has its own logic and exists in its own time zone,” this explains a lot about the tracks we’ve heard so far. Taking a step back from his usually frenetic tracks, this track has room for all the elements to breathe and move on their own, sounding slightly “pop-y” without sounding pop at all. Safe to say this is an album I can’t wait for, which drops next week on June 28!

Charles Murdoch – Straws

After keeping to himself for a while, there is no doubt that Charles Murdoch is definitely back with the release of his new track, Straws. Downtempo, deep and so damn groovy, Murdoch keeps it fresh yet dark with this new track – the first taste of his forthcoming debut LP, and his first original track since 2013. He’s clearly learnt a lot in this time, and it sounds to me like he’s ready finally show us all. Welcome back, Charles. Please never go away again.