Not one, but TWO new singles from Golden Features!

Just before the release of his EP and his national tour, Golden Features has released two brand new singles to raise the hype. Australia went insane when the wonderful man of mystery dropped Baxter. No One was met with just as much praise when it was dropped a few weeks ago. Now, he’s added Telescope and Do You? to the mix.

Telescope features the husky vocals of K.Flay, which carries the lyrics with great force without overpowering the sweet electronic beats. The club atmosphere and good vibes transgress through the track, particularly in the chorus. Just like the typically Golden Features track, the thumping medley will skin into way into your veins and burn into your soul with its quality production.

The same can be said for Do You?, which has the potential to become a nightclub staple. With the absents of a featured vocalist, the focus is all on the production. You need to let the sounds of the banging drums fill your headphones with its dark tone. Let the incredible atmosphere consume you and I can guarantee you will be ready to hear it live.

XXIV will be released this Friday July 19th.