Lime Cordiale: Favourite Tunes

Northern Beaches locals Lime Cordiale have been busy paving their own sound in recent times, and they’ve just dropped latest single Feel Alright. Reportedly influenced by Charles Bradley, Daft Punk and The Roots, it signifies a new chapter in their musical journey! Give it a listen here:

Having opened for bands including The Deltra Riggs, Ball park Music and The Griswolds, Lime Cordiale have crafted a seriously dazzling live show – and they’ll be taking to the stage again this July, for two super special shows in Sydney and Melbourne:

July 11: Metro Lair, Sydney
All Ages (Tickets here)

July 16: Shebeen, Melbourne
18+ (Tickets here)

Anyway, we wanted to get to know the band and their influences a little better, so asked them to share some of their favourite tunes with us. They did, and the results were magnificent!


My favourite track to wake up to is… Walk on – Neil Young
Wake up, get in the car and start your day with this track. Not only does it have a nice message but impersonating Neil Young’s voice in the early morning will get you in a good mood for the day. 

The best track for cooking is… Dirty Work – Steely Dan
You need to be on a high in the kitchen and the organ intro get’s you there.  Chop your carrots to this beat. 

The best track for spring cleaning is…  Clean The House – Fat Freddy’s Drop
I associate this track with having to clean up our old sharehouse. We were all big FFD fans that hated cleaning until we had the music up full blast. Love the driving beat of this track.

The ultimate road trip track isMr. E’s Beautiful Blues – Eels
The first MA+ film that Louis and I owned was Road Trip. There was enough nudity to wanna watch this film every other day. At the beginning of a tour we put this song on and hype ourselves up for the long drive.

My favourite love song is… Alison – Elvis Costello
I don’t really know if this is a love song or not. But I’m sure most people think it is. The producer of our Falling Up The Stairs EP once compared us to early Elvis Costello and I pretended to know what he was talking about. After that I found this song and just fell for the crying voice and walk guitar.

The best track for sweet love makin’ is…  Light My Fire – The Doors
A weird one to make love to, I know. But it brings a different vibe and gets some sort of unusual hump rhythm going. I like a good clichéd lyric when love makin’. We’re all pretty clichéd really when it comes to this act. “C’mon baby, light my fire.”

The track that always gets the party started is… Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot
One of those songs you feel heaps guilty about loving, but not sure why.

 The best track to wind down a crowd is… Roads – Portishead
Yeah this one will probably kill the vibe at a party. But if you’re the one that’s put it on, just sink into your beanbag and go with it. Until some dickhead changes the track ¾ of the way through.

My favourite drunken karaoke track is… Lola – The Kinks
So I was obsessed with this girl called Lola who left to the other side of the world. At a drunken night out I was forced to sing this song at a pub. I didn’t know the song at the time and so the performance was pretty pretty cringy.

My favourite song to sing in the shower is… Humbrum Blues – The Growlers
It’s one of those vocals that you can only impersonate in an intimate setting. Somewhere to get real croaky and also act the lyrics.

A song that always makes me cry is… Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones
This clip comes from the doco “20 Feet From Startdom”. You’re hearing the isolated vocal of the backup singer who wanted to blow these white boys away. Brings a tear to my eye.

I love going to sleep listening to…..  Electric Ladyland, Jimi Hendrix
Some albums you need to lie down with your eyes closed in order to really experience it in full. This is one of the greatest albums of all time and one that you can keep going back to and discover new elements with each listen.

I can’t stop dancing when I hear…. The World (Is Going Up In Flames) – Charles Bradley
It’s not ‘dancing’ as much as it is ‘miming’. I grab my nuts and try to do the Charles Bradley soul scream. You can never do it when other people are listening. Just a pathetic squeak followed by a cough.