Gucci Mane now has an advice column…

Why anyone hasn’t thought of doing this earlier is beyond me. Rapper Gucci Mane, more famous for having an ice cream cone tattooed on his face rather than his music, has been given an advice column by XXL Magazine. What better way to keep himself entertained while he serves out this rest of his jail sentence than to help aspiring rappers and youth with their daily conundrums! Jokes aside, for someone who has a history of being incredibly stupid things, (did I mention the ice cream cone tattoo yet?) his advice is surprisingly Gucci sane.

Addressing his readers regarding everything from aspiring careers to relationship advice, every response is hilariously concluded with, “Sincerely, Mr Guccimane”.

I have a really good friend that is 35 years old and is still trying to become a rapper. The thing is that he’s not really built to be a rapper and is below average on the mic. No one wants to knock his dreams, but I feel like I should really tell him to hang up the mic and pursue other ventures. Would it be right of me to tell him to quit rapping since his friends are afraid to do so?”


I am a 35-year-old rapper myself and I am at the best stage in my career and I think though your friend may not be a great rapper, if he is a great hustler and promoter, he still can find success. So let him pursue his dreams. Who is he hurting by trying to do something he finds is fun and he is passionate about?

Sincerely Mr Guccimane”

I actually think that I couldn’t have given any better advice. Maybe prison is teaching Mr Guccimane some valuable lessons after all. You can check out his entire column here.