An Ode To Psych Night

It’s not often that a week on from an event you are still revelling in the emotions the night brought up in you, but then again, Psych Night doesn’t happen very often.

It may not be an event series you are familiar with, but it is one that I credit a lot of my being to. It’s a night that has brought with it, for the past six that I’ve attended since 2013, so many feelings and is responsible for so many things to happen. It’s a catalyst that, for these past two years, has been both the culmination and the beginning of a lot to happen to me. From these events, I’ve made friends who have turned into family, I’ve experienced love and pain, I’ve had life-changing moments and memories I will cherish forever. So it goes without saying that the announcement that this was the last one was one that hit me hard.

It is a difficult task to not bow to commercialisation, to resist the urge to grow and capitalise, and in turn lose the community spirit that such grassroots events can bring. But Psych Night was different. It always was. Created by two bands who just wanted to put on a show for their friends, endeavouring to avoid long lines, expensive drinks and ridiculous entry fees all for subpar performances, they set about creating something special – something that continued to do so each and every time. The same community spirit that I experienced in late 2013 was still there this time, in June 2015. That same vibe that everyone there is just a friend you hadn’t met yet, that there were in fact people just like you and that shared your views and outlooks on life, that you could learn some life changing wisdom from just one conversation with a stranger was all still there this final time.

Consistently discovering new talent regardless of hype, stats or audience – just purely based on if they could bring something special to the show – Psych Night was always first and foremost about the music; about fostering a scene that was almost non-existent. Bands like Magenta Voyeur and House of Giants delivering consistently impressive and ambitious sets on multiple occasions, this time ’round playing alongside bands like Acid on Andy who are new to the game, or more established acts like Twin Haus and Baskervillain – being about the music made all the difference. Even if you didn’t know the band yet, the fact that they were on the bill for the night was the seal of approval you needed. Each of these aforementioned acts blew my mind, as they always do, are a testament to the fact that there is more to Brisbane than people give a chance for, and are undoubtedly the bands that will spearhead the slow but sure rise in props given to the local scene. These acts are at our front doors Brisbane, and they did not hold back in showing what they’re capable of.

My heart is heavy for those who never made it to a Psych Night. The love that happened at these events was contagious, the music was astounding, and the good vibes stuck with you for days, weeks or in some cases months on. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the absolute legends who came along to these shows and made the crowd such a welcome and open gathering, thank you to the bands for continuing to wow me and prove me right when I recommended you to my friends, and most of all thank you to those who were behind it all for shaping my life in one way or another by putting these events on. I will miss you, Psych Night. Thank you.