Trippy Turtle Celebrates International Turtle Day with New Track

If I had any reason at all to celebrate International Turtle Day, it would probably be more for what Trippy Turtle is going to do, than any other. Last year, he released his entire back catalogue to celebrate the illustrious day. This year, he has released one of his most sought after remixes – A Good Ass Turtle featuring Chance The Rapper.

First heard on his Diplo & Friends mix, the feel good remix has been the subject of much hype since then, with avid Trippy fans hunting high and low for a copy.

Uploaded onto his newly relaunched website, both acts of turtle-y celebration are actually acts of turtle-y kindness, as the mysterious beatmaker pushes the hope that if you cash in on his good natured freebies, you’ll donate that coin to the Save The Turtles Foundation.

Check the YouTube rip of the track below, and if you like what you hear you can jump on it here!