Arcade Fire’s latest release… Haitian restaurant

Canada’s favourite power couple, Arcade Fire duo Win Butler and Régine Chassagne have designed their latest concept, and it isn’t an album. Rather, it is the Haitian restaurant-cum-cultural hotspot set to open in Montreal, Agrikol. The space will feature food, music and artwork from Haiti, where Chassagne’s parents emigrated from during the militia junta of François Duvalier. The band has worked alongside not-for-profit healthcare company Partners in Health, as well as fundraising for healthcare centres in Haiti since the release of Neon Bible.

The pair are most excited to put a bit of ‘cultural warmth’ back into the Canadian cold and with approximately 200,000 Haitians living in Montreal, we can expect things to really heat up. This is basically what we’re hoping to be able to see over a warm plate of Haitian griot: