Oisima announces long awaited debut album

Adelaide beatmaker Oisima is actually one of my favourite homegrown artists, and has been for quite some time. So the announcement of the bearded maestro finally releasing an album is very, VERY exciting indeed.

We heard our first taste of what he’s been up to with the release of songs Everything About Her and Sun of Truth, both exquisite tracks combining a plethora of genres into something bigger, more accomplished and ambitious than you would expect from the (then) newcomer. Jazz, hip hop, ambient electronica, world music and more, Oisima’s sound is one that strikes a chord in you in a way that is not often done from his national peers. He has accumulated an extensive resume of supports including Bonobo TWICE, XXYYXX and Willow Beats as well as appearing at BigSoundSplendour In The Grass and Field Day. Now, his debut album is finally ready which will no doubt see him rise to even more well deserved fame. Titled Nicaragua Nights , and has released another single ahead of it’s May 15th dropping date.

Take Your Time is exquisite, and takes you on a journey. Rolling beats and warm electronic touches fill out the track as it continually rises. Wave after wave, the track builds and swells as subtle intricacies are added to the mix like the 4×4 kick or the fresh bass line. He shows tremendous restraint and control, knowing just when enough is enough. The vocals become a sort of mantra as the track embeds itself into your subconscious, in the way only Oisima’s music can and does. Hear for yourself, and listen to Take Your Time below:

Nicaragua Nights is out via Create/Control May 15th, and I think it’s now pretty obvious how excited I am!