Google gives us a personal tour of Abbey Road Studios

So many legendary artists have graces the hallways of Abbey Road Studios to record music. And some of those songs have gone on to become the most iconic melodies in musical history.

As a huge fan of The Beatles, this news have made my week!

Google has offered the exclusive chance to take an interactive, guided tour of the studio through your computer screen. With the combination of Google Maps and YouTube, you can get the best experience of a 360 degree angle and tours guided by producers and engineers. You can also play with some of the recording equipment, such as the J37 4-track recorder that was used to record Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club.

Giles Martin, the son of George Martin, says the studio has been a hive of creativity and source of world-class recording for 80 years. “The artists using the studios have sold countless millions of records and have helped create popular culture as we know it today. It’s an inspirational place and an honour for me to work there today. This collaboration with Google gives the outside world a great insight into the everyday workings of the studio and allows anyone to glimpse the magic that goes on inside the world’s most famous recording studio.”

Grab your headphones and take the tour here.