Diplo and Madonna got really weird on Jimmy Fallon

Things got really strange on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. Madonna performed her new song Bitch I’m Madonna, flanked by gangster back up dancers dressed head to toe in what looks like the remnants of MIA‘s(Diplo’s ex, who recently slammed him for his possessive, jealous and at times violent nature) wardrobe – all Moschino everything.

Adding to the questionable performance value was an appearance from collaborator Diplo, who was seen sitting on a throne surrounded by women (again dressed in Moschino) body rolling, before running off to jump on the decks for the seriously terrible EDM break down.

Whilst it left Jimmy literally floored, and had Questlove jumping on saying one of the many “Bitch I’m Madonna” lines, the performance has left people divided. Some, like myself, are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell kind of midlife crisis Madonna could be going through after the last few she’s already had, others are left really not liking it at all, and others love it.

From the poor lyricism from the megastar that is Madonna, like rhyming the song title with “Na-na-na-na-na”, to the overt sexism once again shown by Diplo, the whole performance was really a bit of a mess.

Whatever your reaction, it certainly has people talking. You can watch the performance below and find your own opinion. Keep an eye out for when Madonna shoves an audience member’s head into her crotch, and just how damn excited Jimmy is to say, “Bitch I’m Madonna”.