Tinashe’s Amethyst is an absolute gem!

Here’s some new music from the girl who made pop music cool again! Last week, Tinashe has dropped her new mixtape Amethyst.

In our interview with Tinashe, she told us that “[a challenge has been] just proving yourself to people, letting them know that you need to be taken seriously and you’re not just a cute girl signed to a record label. Developing that level of respect among other creatives so that they really bring you their best stuff, and to try and really respect you as an artist.”

She definitely proves that here.

Dreams Are Real is a very chill track. The slow pace and softness of Tinashe’s vocals makes it perfect for your hangover playlist or if you need to simply distress. The combination of the piano and the beats prove to be a winning one – it really does sound like a dream. Next up is Wrong – and there’s nothing wrong about it. Producer Ryan Hemsworth did a great job maintaining the laid-back atmosphere, while the drums provide strength as they keep in time with your heartbeat. However, they are overpowered by Tinashe’s vocals, which command you to pay attention.

Something To Feel also has a great beat and amazing composition, including a gorgeous key-change in the second verse. But once again, it’s her voice is the real winner on the track. You can really hear the pain in her melody, as she sings the first line “feed me lies.” The heartbreak and hurt feels real, tangible and believable. It leads onto Looking 4 It, and a piano opening so chilling that you can feel it in your bones. A clear message to teenager snad young people, this song will no doubt echo through classroom hallways.

Speaking of great intros, the opening for Wanderer is pretty fantastic as well. To me it sounds like either diamonds being poured onto the floor or a bomb dropping. Both work for me. The lyrics are beautiful. I can’t even pick a line to talk about. All I can say is you have to hear this one, as well as the next track, Worth It, which stands out as it’s more upbeat than the others. The unexpected water-drop sound effect surprises the listener, drawing them in. While Tinashe owns this song, Iamsu’s verse is a great addition to it. His voice compliments hers quite well.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, but she saved one of the best for last – Just the way I like it. The power of this song is amazing, and shows us that Tinashe has a presence that cannot be overtaken. I don’t want to say too much about this one because I’m afraid I’ll spoil it. Just know that the whole composition of the track is unbelievable.

You can stream and download Amethyst for free from here. We know you’ll be begging for more.