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Tuesday is Video Time!

We’re barely into 2015 and the music world has already been exploding from all orifices with news of new albums, singles, videos and tours. Here’s some of the best new videos that you may have missed in the past few days.

1. Billy Momo, Drunktalk
Swedish folk-rock group Billy Momo caught my attention a couple months ago, and now they’re back with a really good new video for their single Drunktalk. There’s a unique darkness about the track that really got into my head; I can’t really explain it, but I’m in love. The video, shot from some really interesting perspectives and featuring some murky scenery, completely does it justice.

2. Sleater Kinney, No Cities To Love
Sleater Kinney are back from their ‘indefinite hiatus’ and they’ve brought along a star-studded cast for their new video, probably thanks to Portlandia, Carrie’s brilliant sketch comedy show alongside Fred Armisen. Norman Reedus, Sarah Silverman, Andy Samberg and more lead the way in one big fun dorky celebrity singalong, before the full power punk song kicks in!

3. Modest Mouse, Coyotes
I fucking adore Modest Mouse. I had tickets to see them a couple years ago and then they cancelled to record new stuff, which broke my heart. But finally they’ve started releasing new music, ahead of their first album since 2007, and this completely wonderful video is the latest offering. The video is based on an actual coyote who, in 2002, got on board a light rail train in Portland. It’s the cutest thing ever, with a soundtrack to boot. A coyote on a train with MM in the background? Need I say more?

4. The Bohicas, To Die For

I really enjoy To Die For, the new track from The Bohicas. The rock ‘n roll four-piece have an air of early QOTSA about them, and the track features a catchy melody, clean riffs and a deep, dirty bass. The video is really slick, absolutely worth watching – I’ll just mention that it involves surgeons, sushi and some pretty damn cool clean-cut cinematography.

5. Meredith, Jumpin’ Beds
This is a lovely indie-electro-pop track, featuring pristine vocals and a slow, smooth rhythm. It’s Meredith’s first foray out of folk, and it sounds like we have a LOT to look forward to. The video seems to explores the idea of being alone in a new place – walking around the city, eating alone, writing in a journal, etc. It’s not lonely though, perhaps just temporary – the video ends with Meredith, smiling, gloriously jumping on a trampoline, with a bright blue sky up above.

6. Client Liaison, Pretty Lovers
I caught Client Liaison at Falls Festival. Even if you’re not on the nu-disco bandwagon, these guys have the energy, charisma and creativity to win over absolutely anyone. The vintage video looks a cross between your dad’s old home video collection, and a mid-’80s Countdown clip. All I can think the whole time, is, this must have been fucking hilarious to shoot and produce. Client Liaison also just announced a new round of tour dates, head to their website for more deets. PS read our CL interview here!