Tame-Impala (1)

Tame Impala’s New Album Will Be Out This Year

Finally, the wait will be over. It’s been nearly three years since the release of Tame Impala’s seminal psych-rock album Lonerism, and we’ve just got word that their third offering is due out some time in 2015.

The news comes briefly but excitedly, from Perth label Spinning Top, who have announced new albums in 2015 from not only Tame Impala, but POND, Gunns, The Growl, Fascinator and more!

It’s been a quiet couple years for Tame Impala, with the exception of a few collabs and covers. Kevin Parker has been pretty busy regardless doing his own thang, most recently featuring on a Mark Ronson single.

No news yet about a release date for a single, but I reckon we’ll heard some new material by March. Could this be an early vote for Falls 2015-16 headliner, perhaps?