Klo’s new EP is a STUNNING debut

Words by Claudia Middleton

Melbourne-based cousin duo Klo, aka Simon Lam (also of I’lls) and Chloe Kaul have been making a serious name for themselves this year. Considering the quality of their beautiful debut EP Cusp, it’s easy to understand why. The pair exudes a laidback ‘90s electro vibe – both in sound and fashion sense. Kaul’s soothing, ethereal voice is not unlike Flight Facilities’ Giselle Rosselli, and their understated music is laced with intricate subtleties and hidden gems. Cusp is nothing short of impressive, featuring the perfect mix of laid back and upbeat electronic rhythms and melodies. Aptly named, it’s clear that Klo really are on the cusp of something wonderful.

The EP kicks off with Make Me Wonder, supported by the sort of beat that makes you feel like you’re drifting on your back in the ocean in that state of half-consciousness right before you fall asleep. The steady rhythm guides you right into the opening lyrics, “turn down the light,” and the sleepy oceanic vibe intensifies. A beautiful opener, it’s one of those tracks which inevitably put you in an almost Zen mood and makes you want to dance like a jellyfish floating in the current.

Under Lie is a faster track with a beat that would perfectly fill a 4am spot at a smoky underground club, after all the party girls have gone, and everyone left feels like family. Kaul’s angelic voice really shines through the track’s climax, supported by a multitude of floaty electronic riffs.

False Calls is probably my favourite track on the EP, and is sure to be a festival favourite throughout the summer. The track is eerie and hauntingly beautiful, filled with echoes and delays, while the backing beats are layered to perfection. The magic continues with Take Us To The Grave, where the beat is supported by what sounds like the peaceful falling of water droplets. This track really reminds me of Flight Facilities – and that can only ever be a good thing.

Ride/Carry On is a song you could meditate to. This is by far the most tranquil track on the album, with the focus shifting between the distant beat and Kaul’s heavenly vocals.  The music builds towards the end, leaving almost nothing but the vocals, with an almost-stagnant beat in the background. The perfect way to end this enchanted EP.

If you like GrimesThe AcidFlight FacilitiesSylvan EssoGlass Animals, you will probably, definitely love Klo.